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We are a family business, and as all our names begin with J, we named our Holiday Rental Business Website ithaca4js.

We currently have 2 beautiful properties which we holiday let in Kioni and in Frikes, with more to come.

Byron House in Kioni is only steps from the picturesque bayside and a short walk to the pristine beaches along the coastal road. In Kioni there are some fabulous restaurants and a mini market that has a rich supply of anything you might need.

Byron House was renovated in 2020 and has been a very popular accommodation for Kioni visitors since we opened our door to the public. It's ideally located and is fully equipped.

In Frikes we renovated an old stone House in 2021 and have made something we are truly proud of. We opened our doors in 2022. Reithron House has an unobstructed and expansive view across all of Frikes bay. There is boat mooring across the way and cafe bars and restaurants just a few steps away.

There is a balcony and a terrace from where you can enjoy watching the yachts come in and out or cool off after a hot summer's day with drinks and some fine Ithacan fare.

To learn more about our holiday rental accommodations see the link in the menu for 'Accommodations' or scroll down.

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What Our Guests Says

Only steps from Kioni Bayside

Byron House

Kioni Ithaca Greece

3 Self Catering Apartments

Everything you need for a carefree Summer holiday on the Greek Island of Ithaca

Frikes Ithaca Greece

Reithron House

Bright and spacious House with expansive views across Frikes Bayside.

 Greek Island Holiday in stunning locations and with quality accommodations. Byron House and Reithron House are an excellent choice to start your Summer Holiday on a beautiful Greek Island
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